Pencil Pixels
Photoshop Pencil Sketch scripts from - Each gallery image is labeled with P1, P2, P3 or P4 which represents the 4 new pencil scripts available at e-Pencil scripts are as easy to use as an action, these scripts transform images into pencil sketches and pencil drawings with one click.

These Photoshop scripts recreate a process of reproducing pencil shadings and tone reduction that has been perfected over several years. The results are superior to anything out in the market. See for yourself and enjoy the gallery created from ordinary online images, images from free stock photography sites, compact cameras or smartphone images.

Simple is best. The effect is best reproduced with subjects on a light or simple background. We have a Photoshop Layered version and have a less expensive flattened version of each script. With the Layered version of the script, you can change the opacity of the effect layers and modify the end result. The layered version also allows you to reveal the original image's color in parts of the pencil sketch with the paintbrush. Also, by altering the original's brightness and contrast, you can dramatically change the toned area of the effect.

Free evaluation downloads are available at See comparisons, pricing and purchasing details for e-Pencil1 - e-Pencil2 - e-Pencil3 and e-Pencil4